• Kids Growing in God

    During summer's best week



















    Our schedule is jam-packed, and there's never a dull moment.

    Here's what's in store each day:

    Large Group

    We start each day together as one big group, learning a new Bible story through high-energy music, funny dramas, and compelling storytelling. It's guaranteed to knock some socks off!

    Small Group

    In groups of 8-12, leaders will help campers dive into Bible stories through fun activities and discussion questions that help campers understand and apply each lesson.


    Did someone say humongous inflatable slides and water gun showdowns? Each day, campers will have tons of fun laughing and creating memories together.


    Because God loves us, we can love others. Campers will hear about the work people are doing to serve God by loving others and learn how they can do it, too!

  • Amped

    We want kids to live their lives knowing that:


    God is with you.

    God has a plan for you.

    Jesus is Alive!

    People matter.

    You are a part of a bigger story.


    Check out our theme for this year - AMPED!

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    Dormont 2017

    Oakland & East End 2017

    Sewickley Valley 2017

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